King Harald  Fairhair

King Harald Fairhair

King Harald  Fairhair

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    According to the Bavarian law of cleanliness from 1516, the only ingredients of beer couldbe water, barley malt and hops. We are still cultivating this tradition by brewing our beers according to old recipes, relying only on the above ingredients and using an open method of fermentation for production. Based only on three ingredients, we discovered our light beer version. Dedicated to all who love beer but do not enjoy the side effects of beer drinking. The refreshing beer with a low extract perfect for hot sunny days. Available in summer time.


    Mallts: Bright Pilznen,Munich,Karmel Dark

    Hop: Magnum, Sibilla, Haltertauer Tradition,Cascade


    King Harald Fairhair

    First King of Norway

    He was more powerful and stronger than everybody, very handsome, deep the mind, wise and courageous. Harald made a vow not to cut or comb his hair until he had taken ownership of all Norway with taxes and power over it. After the victory, Harald declared himself king of United Norway, cut his hair and received the nickname by which he is widely known - Fairhair. The first Scandinavian king, who can be compared with the kings of Western Europe. So, he organized a full-fledged tax system, which, by the way, caused the dissatisfied Norwegians to massively flee to Iceland.